The Aeropress is a lightweight and portable device that easily brews up a sweet, full bodied cup wherever you are. 

Step 01

Boil 200ml of water in a kettle and leave it to cool to about 80°C. In the meantime push the plunger out of the aeropress chamber and place the filter in the filter cap.

Step 02

Twist the filter cap onto the chamber then add 18 grams of medium-fine grounded coffee beans to the Aeropress. 

Step 03

Shake to level the coffee bed then add the 200ml of hot water to the Aeropress, leave it to brew for about 1 minute and 40 seconds then stir a few times.

Step 04

Secure the filter and cap onto the Aeropress then flip the press onto a mug carefully and begin to press down gently until you hear a hissing sound.

Step 05

Remove the filter cap, push the plunger to eject the coffee and rinse the Aeropress.

Useful Tip

Total brew time from start to finish should be about 2 minutes and 20 seconds.