Originated from Italy over 100 years ago, an Espresso is roasted, ground and brewed differently to other coffees which gives it a stronger, richer and less acidic taste.

Step 01

Remove the portafilter, wipe it clean and dry out the basket.

Step 02

Ensure the scale is empty and grind about 18grams of coffee into the portafilter.

Step 03

Distribute the coffee evenly with your finger then tamp it.

Step 04

Make sure the coffee bed is level and it has been tamped firmly.

Step 05

Lock the portafilter handle in place and put a cup under it (on top of your scale if using one).

Step 06

Pull the shot of espresso and stop extracting when you have reached the desired output. We recommend the ratio 1:2 for an espresso (so for 18 grams of coffee roughly 36grams of water). 

Useful Tip

Try a finer grind if the extraction is too quick. If it takes too long or is pulling too slowly try a coarser grind. The extraction process should take about 24-28 seconds from start to finish.