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Speciality Coffee ~ Freshly Roasted in North London

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Buy Speciality Coffee Online Freshly Roasted in North London

About Us

Simba Bru was born of a desire to capture all the beautiful flavours from a coffee to create an enjoyable experience that would leave a person wanting more.

We roast our beans in small batches and carefully monitor each roast from start to finish to ensure the best taste and consistency with every batch.

We have developed a roast profile for each origin based on density, moisture content and varietal characteristics.


Why our Coffee tastes great

Coffee Bean

Carefully sourced beans

We work on sourcing finest quality coffee from around the world.

Coffee Bean

Hand roasted to order

A unique roast profile has been developed for each bean. Our beans are micro roasted to ensure great flavours and better taste.

Coffee Bean

Fresh Coffee Delivered to You

Your coffee is only roasted once the order is placed so that it is at its peak freshness when you receive it.

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Our Brewing Tips

Learn how to brew coffee in a variety of different methods. There is no right answer to brewing coffee but we have created a guide to help you find what works best for you.